Awesomeness On 4 Wheels – Lexus TMG Sports 650

Whadya think the 650 stands for in the title of this customized Lexus? 650 horsepower, which translates to 484 Kw. Considering the out-and-out sports car, Nissan GTR packs 404Kw, this amount of Kw crammed into a luxury sedan, makes for one explosive package.

TMG is Toyota’s Motorsport Europe division based in Cologne, Germany, and they have been responsible for developing Toyota’s previous World Rally Championship, Formula 1 and World Endurance Championship racers. The current TS040 Hybrid racer that competes in the World Endurance Championship is also a product of their engineering facility. So when Toyota exited from Formula 1 in 2009, they needed a new project to showcase their design, development and engineering prowess. The project – Demonstrate how Formula One technology could be put to use, in a potentially production model car, a car that could be sold to the masses. They chose the largest sedan in the Lexus family – The Lexus LS 460.

Every department in the 30,000 sqm facility was utilized in creating the “Ultimate Sports Limo”. TMG chose the 2UR-GSE naturally aspirated 5-litre V8 from the Lexus IS-F to power this beast, and added two Garrett GT2871R turbos for good measure. The compression ratio was reduced from 11,8:1 to 9,6:1 for extra oomph, and new cylinder heads, pistons, intake manifolds and con rods were all developed in-house. The oil jets were modified, and extra cooling added for the pistons. An 8-speed Aisin Auto/Paddle-shift gearbox was chosen for transmission, and the result was in increase in power of 68% and torque of 55% compared to the stock Lexus LS 460. The result – 484 Kw at 6,500 rpm and 777 Nm at 5,460 rpm. Top speed of 320 km/h and 0-100 in under 4 seconds! Making this Luxury Lexus, one SERIOUSLY quick Limousine.

As you will see in the pics below and the video, it looks the part too! TMG used its wind tunnels to create aerodynamic modifications. A strut-reinforced carbon-fibre roof was fitted, and carbon struts were fitted in the engine bay to further tighten the body structure. The already stunning appearance was further enhanced with the 20 inch allow wheels with Michelin 275/35R tyres in front, and 345/30R in the rear. The suspension was lowered and also fitted with custom  lightweight uprights to improve high-speed stability. Carbon ceramic brake discs were used, and same pads as the Lexus LFA.

The interior too is super comfortable with an Alcantara clad dash, complete with carbon and chrome trimmings. The seats are specially designed to support the drivers body even at high speeds. In the words of British car magazine, Evo –

“The TS 650 is blisteringly, almost surreally, rapid in a straight line. But what is surprising is how benign and relaxed the external visual and aural violence seems from behind the wheel. The steering is good – well weighted and direct – and the car’s two tonne mass seems well contained. Braking from around 220 km/h for the long, sweeping left-hander at the end of the straight, the TS 650 feels massively stable and beautifully balanced on turn-in, slicing through the following chicane with a measured precision and persistence of grip that almost beggars belief. No other performance limo, goes, sounds, handles and stops like the TS-650.”

WOW – pure poetry in motion! The icing on the cake would be, if the powers at Lexus, eventually bring something like this to daylight!



Watch Alastair Moffitt of TMG Motorsport explain the philosophy behind the Lexus TMG 650


You can stay in touch with Toyota Motorsport Europe via Facebook. Just click on the link. Next up on their list – Toyota 86, rally edition! RWD makes a comeback in World Rally!


TMG GT86 CS-R3, that debuts at the Rally Deutschalnd.
TMG GT86 CS-R3, that debuts at the Rally Deutschland.

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