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Car Insurance 101

Do you have car insurance?

Do you even know why you need car insurance?

Do you even know why you need car insurance

Before we answer the above question, let’s take a quick look at what exactly car insurance is. Not many drivers, especially experienced ones, know that they need insurance for their vehicles or why they should get it. So here is a quick fact.

Car insurance is a policy that you purchase to mitigate any costs associated with being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Instead of paying for either damages to the other party’s vehicle or repairs to yours out of your own pocket for accidents, you instead pay monthly or annual premiums to an auto insurance company. The insurance company in turn pays all or most of the cost associated with any accidents or vehicle damage.

So now that you know what exactly insurance is, why should you get it?

  • Your vehicles is essential because of the service it provides to you and your family. Car insurance is a way to protect the important service it provides.
  • Your car gets you to work every day. If you don’t insure your vehicle and get into an accident or sustain damages you can’t afford to repair, it will affect your getting to and from work.
  • Car insurance ensures you don’t re-route money unnecessarily. If you keep paying your premiums, you won’t have to face any unforeseen expenses.
  • One of the many roles of car insurance is that it pays the medical costs for injuries in car accidents that are your fault. This of course includes any injuries you may suffer as well.
  • Car insurance provide legal protection in the event someone sues you after an accident even if they are in the wrong. It gives you a buffer between any legal expenses and your wallet.
  • It keeps you protected from Mother Nature. For example what will you do if there’s a mudslide, hurricane or hailstorm that damages your vehicle. This could occur at a time that money is really tight. It offers  protection in circumstances like that.
  • It can be crucial when your vehicle gets stolen or vandalized.
  • For peace of mind, as not having insurance can lead to stress.

car insurance can save you money

These are just a few reasons why having this much needed facility is really important. With the amount of cars on the road today, one can no longer afford to abide by the outdated mindset that you are a safe driver and therefore you will never cause or be involved in accidents. Safe drivers can also be victims on the road.

Insurance used to be a “nice-to-have”, but that is no longer the case.


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