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Safety film, paint protection & other ways to pamper your car

What a feeling! You pull out of the dealership with your very own new car. That smell of the upholstery and other scents that only a brand-new car has. The paintwork glistening under the sunshine as you rev the finely tuned motor and take off…

And then you catch sight of a little pebble, kicked up by the car in front. You see it clear as a bell. If only you could stop in time for just a second and intervene. You’re heading straight into the danger zone…*ding*

Oh, I know the feeling. I’ve been the recipient of those darn stone chips many times. The feeling’s not very different to the time you first drop your new iPhone.

But you need not suffer anymore! We’re here to protect your shiny new car. With a range of products that not only protects, but enhances the interior experience and even the style of your car.

So let’s start!

Car Care Products


With LLumar Window Film
With LLumar Window Film

1) Safety Film

Most of us have heard of “smash & grab” tints. These safety tints were made popular with the rise of the “smash & grab” car thieves. But while many dealers add these tints as part of your vehicle purchase, not all safety films are the same.  We use the LLumar brand of window film which is an award-winning product out of the USA. The LLumar safety tints are premium quality and provide you with the obvious protection from smash & grab carjackings. But they have other benefits for you and your car.

LLumar window film is proven to reduce interior surface temperatures significantly. By blocking more than 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, LLumar window tint protects passengers from skin damage and the interior of your vehicle from fading and cracking. And on the road, LLumar tint helps reduce blinding glare and painful eye strain. The image above will give you an idea of the effect it has by blocking out bright sunlight rays. Think of it as sunglasses for your car!

2) Paint Protection Film

Remember that little story I narrated at the beginning. By having the LLumar paint protection film fitted on your car, you can avoid the situation. The stones will always be there. But your car’s vulnerable areas will be protected by an invisible shield that you won’t even know is there. You can wash, wax and maintain your car as normal and it won’t affect the colour at all. If anything, it will keep your car’s colour as vibrant as the first day. You can opt for the full or half bonnet, front bumper, headlights, side-view mirrors, door edges and bumpers. See the image below for a good idea of which areas to protect.

LLumar paint protection areas
LLumar paint protection areas

3) Interior & Exterior Scotch guard protection

These are polymer type sealants that when applied to paint, carpet or fabric seats, form an invisible barrier that adds further protection from the elements – or little kids!  A side effect is that you will be calmer having those adorable children in your car. Or it could be your pet dog, you get the idea. We offer Shield or Meguiars paint & interior protection solutions for your new car. It can be applied on the exterior paint as well as the interior fabric & carpet areas. And for long-term protection, it is recommended that it be re-applied at least once a year.

I sense a little skepticism. Watch this video below. After over 200,000 kms the guy’s white carpet looks like new!

4) Safe & Sound System by Netstar

Let’s face it. We live in South Africa. It’s a totally awesome place. But one aspect not so awesome is the level of crime. It’s a sad reality, and one that we hope to conquer in the future. But for now, you cannot afford to take chances with your brand new car. Many hours of work and sweat went into you paying for it. And we want to ensure your beautiful car stays with you for many years of enjoyment.

So, we have an in-house Netstar fitment centre that can install the latest in satellite tracking & car protection technology. It’s so much more than just satellite tracking now. The basic package details are below. With the more advanced package offering early warning systems so that your car is pro-actively monitored by Netstar’s support crew. Check out the full Monty below.

There you have it! We hope that takes care of your valuable car. Speak to us for more info and pricing. If you need some friendly advice, we have a car care expert on hand to assist.

Safe & Sound Basic Features
Safe & Sound Basic Features
Safe & Sound Optional Extras
Safe & Sound Optional Extras

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