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9 Mind Blowing Car Extras You Probably Can’t Afford

Here’s a fun article. Have you just come into a boatload of cash and unsure what to do with it? Then this post is for you.

For the rest of us, let’s just nod our head in disbelief. But read on to discover what you could splash out on when you finally hit the big time!

The original post appeared on Australian car magazine site, WhichCar. The prices quoted were in Aus Dollars. So to make the pain even more real, we’ll do the necessary currency conversions.

1. Range Rover Gun Box

For a cool R5M, you can get this ‘firearm themed’ Range Rover. The obnoxious Rangie was developed with gun manufacturer, Holland & Holland. It comes with a boot-mounted gun box… just because.


2. Granite Interior Merc

And we thought only the wives smaak’d granite tops. You can get a Merc with matching his & hers granite tops. Put it in the next birthday wish-list now!



3. BMW M4 Carbon Wheels

Should you have spare change after paying R3M for the BMW M4 GTS edition, how about adding R222,000 for lightweight carbon compound wheels.


4. Abarth Lexan Windows

You have the supercar sports experience. Why not go the full monty with track-style sliding ‘Lexan windows”. Cost – R72,000



5. Bentley Breitling Clock

Not bad. R3.1M will get you the Bentley Breitling Clock extra. No, not the whole car, just the clock. Cost of the car – R4.3M.



6. Abarth Dog Box

I was confused with this one too, thinking it was a luxurious box to transport my poodle. But no, the ‘Dog Box’ is a specially designed gearbox engineered for track cars. The word ‘dog’ comes from the teeth machined into the gears that allow changing of gears at super-fast intervals, without a clutch. Quite fascinating if you ask me. You can read more on the ‘dog box’ here. Equip your Abarth 695 BiPosto with a dog box for a cool R155,000.



7. Ferrari 488 Passenger Display

Make sure you order your Ferrari 488 with this awesome passenger LCD display. It can be turned off too, in case your co-driver suffers from hypertension.



8. Ferrari Stripes

Well if you are driving a Ferrari, R155,000 more for the N.A.R.T (North American Racing Team) stripes should be small change ne?



9. Range Rover Tailgate Seats

The ultimate fishermen accessory. Imagine backing up to the shore, chilling in the plush leather seats, while you wait for the elusive bite. I like! But at R3.8M for the Range Rover SV Autobiography with ‘Event Seating’, I’ll survive with my Campmaster chair for now.


There you have it guys! I’d love to know what other extravagant extras you know of. Let me know in the comments!

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