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3 Things Women Buyers Look For When Buying a New Car

Women Drivers Starting Young!


Although cars and all things automotive tend to be seen as the domain of men, when it comes to buying new cars, women are firmly in the drivers seat.  Recent research shows that in the US 60% of new car sales and 53% of used car sales were made by women. Car manufacturers and dealerships are definitely taking note.

As it turns out, men and women look for different things when buying a car.  Men, of course, are still associated with muscle cars and powerful engines, while the stereotype for women is that they are all about the colour.

And while it may be true that men like a pit of power under the hood, women look for a few things other than a pleasing colour scheme.

Here are 3 things women want when buying a car:

1. Space:  for shopping, for kids, for gear of all kinds, and for anything else that comes to mind.  Women put a premium on having enough room for stuff.  Not only do women want cargo room, they want a clever configuration of the interior so that everything has a place, from groceries, sunglasses and third row seats to dvd players.

2. Safety: when it comes to safety on the road, especially when kids are on board, women quickly become experts.  From crash test performance results to additional safety features like side impact airbags and the latest car seat tethering systems, women know what they want when it comes to safety and they are rarely willing to compromise.

3. Performance: men often believe – erroneously it turns out – that they have a monopoly on car performance.  Women care just as passionately about great performance, and consider everything from fuel economy to road handling when selecting a new car.  Yes, women want a car that looks good, but when women are behind the wheel, they want a car that handles even better.

Regardless of gender, what most people want is a great car. Utilizing interior space well, applying the latest research on safety, and keeping outstanding road performance as the foundation are three of the best ways to ensure an excellent ride.

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